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The Portuguese-Language Writers of Canada Cultural Association, also designated as "Grémio Literário de Língua Portuguesa" is a non-profit organization which was recently founded with the mission of promoting Portuguese language and culture in Canada through the works of authors who write in Portuguese.

This organization was founded by four prominent members of the Portuguese communities of Canada - Óscar Monteiro, Ricardo Castro Lopo, José Carlos Teixeira and Manuel Alves Louro.

The main objectives of this organization are to:

  1. promote Portuguese language and literature through the work of Lusophonic authors* residing in Canada who write in the Portuguese language;
  2. guide and financially support authors writing in the Portuguese language in Canada;
  3. annually distribute awards and prizes to the authors whose works are judged to be the finest published in Portuguese in Canada;
  4. award scholarships and prizes to students who have written/published in Portuguese;
  5. build a library of Portuguese-language materials published in Canada, as well as Portuguese literature in general;
  6. organize annually colloquiums, panels, conferences, etc.;  
  7. publish a magazine and/or bulletin, as well as other documents, with the objective of promoting authors in Canada writing in Portuguese;
  8. promote links with other literary and cultural organizations in Canada (non-Portuguese and Portuguese) and abroad;
  9. promote the Portuguese language in Portuguese communities across Canada.

Canada in the 21st century is a multicultural mosaic, whose diverse immigrant/ethnic communities have been recognized as contributing significantly to the cultural and economic growth of the nation.  The Portuguese-Language Writers Association seeks to support this growth in our community.  However, we cannot move forward with these goals without people joining us to help and financial support.

So we are looking for volunteers (even if you are not a writer) that would like to become members of our Association, to help to promote its objectives by giving support in several of those above mentioned areas of activities. To become a member please fill out an application form (Ficha de Inscrição) which is in one of the pages in this website, which, although it is in Portuguese, it is intuitive and easy to make sense to have it completed

Also we need financial sponsors. Any donations of community-oriented civic and business leaders across Canada in order to obtain funding to reach the Association's above objectives and mission will be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions related to the Portuguese-Language Writers Association, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email: gremioliterario     gremioliterario

Tel: (905) 883-0337

Temporary address:
Grémio Literário de Língua Portuguesa
21 Ellsworth Ave.
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C 9N9, Canada

* Lusophonic authors - people from the countries such as Portugal, Brasil, Angola, Moçambique, Cabo Verde, Guiné Bissau, São Tomé e Príncipe and Timor Leste and also from any other country/nationality, residing in Canada, who express/writes in Portuguese language.


Though Languages do not know any borders, they still find barriers, especially when they decide to travel all over the world in search of new horizons. Sometimes, the Language which is unable to overcome the huge obstacles that appear in its path will die. This has already happened and will happen again if favourable conditions are not created to help preserve, cultivate and nurture its very existence.

Hence the reason why the Portuguese Language Writers Association keeps making efforts to promote the old and grandiose Language of Camões through divulging the written works of Portuguese-speaking authors of Canada from coast to coast.

Thus, the PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE WRITERS ASSOCIATION is now continuing these activities by promoting a Contest to participate in their first anthology. The Rules are stated below.

Óscar Monteiro
President of the Association


1. Authors from all of Canada are allowed to participate with texts written in Portuguese - prose, poetry or a combination of both genres.

2. Each author will submit a text of no more than 10 pages, with a maximum of 30 lines per page, using the "Arial" font and a 12 pt size.

3. Each author will receive 5 (five) books free of charge, and will be able to buy additional books for a special price to be decided after publication of the anthology.

4. The anthology will be made public in a special event to be announced.

5. The total product of the books sales will revert to the Association, in order to promote future contests.

6. All texts submitted will have to be typed or digitalized. Handwritten texts will not be accepted.

7. A copy of all texts submitted will also be sent by E-MAIL in the Ms WORD format.

8. The texts submitted will not be returned.

9. All texts will be examined by a panel; therefore some might not be accepted for inclusion in the anthology.

10. All works submitted will have to include a $30 entering fee, payable by certified cheque or money order and extended to GRÉMIO LITERÁRIO DE LÍNGUA PORTUGUESA (or PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE WRITERS OF CANADA).

11. This fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

12. All participants will be automatically accepted as members of the Association for the duration of one year.

13. Members in good standing are exempted from this fee.

14. Members in good standing, who decide not to participate in the anthology, will receive one free book during the publication event and will be able to purchase other volumes for a special price, to be decided at publication.

15. Members and Participants unable to receive their books at the publication event will be responsible for postal fees, should they wish to receive them by mail.

16. The Directors of the Association will be responsible for selecting the panel which will examine the texts.

17. The Association's sponsors and collaborators will be acknowledged in the publication itself.

18. The anthology will be published in 2008, or even before if appropriate financial conditions are met.

19. All texts have to be submitted by September 21st, 2007 and mailed by post to the following address:

Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C 9N9

And by e-mail:

For more information, please telephone to: 905 883-0337, 416 867-6006 or 905 829-1549

The Rules are also at the site and they have also been sent to the Community Media.


Toronto, July 20th, 2007
(English Translation by: Dra. Edith Molina-Bravo)